Adderall XR

Here’s What You Need To Know About

We know about Adderall, but what is this Adderall XR? You might ask this question the moment you hear about it. You also may have searched through every study and research journal to understand what the XR stands for. And how it is different from the normal Adderall. However, you might get wound up in the jargon of the research. This is why we have brought you this simplified version of understanding Adderall XR.
This article will cover the basics of Adderall XR, its uses, precautions to be taken, pharmacology, side effects, and withdrawal symptoms.

Adderall XR and its uses
Adderall is a mixture of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine that acts as a stimulant to the Central Nervous System of the human body. The drug comes in different doses and can only be purchased upon proper display of prescription. The drug constituents hit the brain’s frontal lobe and enhance the dopamine level of the human body. This medication is often used to cure and treat people with ADHD and narcolepsy disorder.
However, different human body interacts with the drugs differently. For example, if the metabolism rate of the patient is higher, the drug may wear out in 3-4 hours. In such a case, the patient may need to take more capsules. But due to the clinical side-effects, as proven, this is not recommended. So, what is the other option to treat ADHD? Well, this is why clinics have devised Adderall XR to keep the effect for a longer period.
The XR is used for extended-release that uses the drug’s components in such a proportion that the effect lasts longer than usual. As a result, it can be recommended to anyone above the age of 10. But precautions need to be taken as the medication can pose some serious side effects.


Side-effects and withdrawal symptoms

Following are some of the major recorded side effects from Adderall XR usage:
⦁ Increased blood pressure with high pulse
⦁ Heart attacks or strokes
⦁ Hostile psychological behaviours
⦁ Depression and mood swings
⦁ Numbness of limbs
⦁ Hyperventilation
These side-effects may span in any individual and not limited. However, aged people fear the risk of heart attacks and high pulse rates more than kids and young adults. However, the major effect on kids is the substance abuse problem. Kids and Young adults may get hooked to the drug and abuse the usage.
You may see some of the following withdrawal symptoms if a person has misused it:
⦁ Dizziness
⦁ Dry mouth
⦁ Nervousness
⦁ Onset of insomnia
⦁ Elevated heart rate
⦁ Weight loss
Therefore, it is very important to monitor the usage of the drug properly. This is why we will walk through the medication guide in the following section to help you carefully monitor the intake of Adderall XR.

Monitoring intake of Adderall XR
The foremost thing to adhere to is to follow the prescription. Do not leave the medication open or within reach of the kids. Follow the prescribed amount as suggested by the doctor. This vastly reduces the risk of substance abuse for your kid. However, if you are an adult, we recommend you ask your spouse or friend to keep a close eye on your intake.
Since Adderall XR is for extended release, it prohibits consuming more than one tablet per day. You can take one capsule in the morning, and that’s that. It is also a better suggestion to avoid intake with food. Instead, you can take medicine with water. If your kid can’t swallow the pill, break the capsule and mix it with applesauce or a similar kind of liquid.
Visit your doctor for regular check-ups and a healthy routine. This will cover your blood pressure, heart rate, and weight while consuming Adderall XR.